JOH & Company

SOUNDS Urban Resort 

2018.07.04 | JOH & Company
SOUNDS is a complex space consists of residence, office, F&B and retail stores; It is a real estate development project that has been carried ahead by more
B CAST(2017)
JOH & Company

B CAST Magazine B for Ears 

2017.03.29 | JOH & Company
Magazine B started to broadcast "B CAST". B CAST is a podcast that introduces one brand every episode. It is hosted by a South Korean pop singer, Jiyoon Park, and the publisher of Magazine B, Suyong Joh joins as a regular more
D tower(2015)

D Tower Replace of Gwanghwamun 

2016.07.25 | JOH & Company
D Tower, a prime office complex, opened in the center of Gwanghwamun. JOH&Company directed the overall creative aspects of the D-Tower such as concept, branding, spatial programming, spatial designing and MD more
Project Owner: Descente Korea

Boundary Seoulites' Cycle Culture Platform 

2016.06.20 | JOH & Company
Boundary a cycle culture platform, opened in Apgujeong District. Created in the partnership between JOH and le coq sportif, the place was named as more
Joh&co. (2012)

Joh&co. ED BAG™ Complexity in Simplicity 

2015.11.20 | JOH & Company
JOH&co. ED BAG™ is a lifestyle brand that attempt to redesign everyday objects from JOH&Company’s point of more
Magazine B(2011)
JOH & Company

Magazine B Brand Documentary Magazine 

2015.10.05 | JOH & Company
‘Magazine B’ an ad-free magazine that presents one brand per issue. B has been introducing ‘well-balanced brands’ from around the world for about four yearsread more

Dialogue: Design Hotels Made by originals 

2015.09.04 | JOH & Company
“It’s always a trifle detail that impresses us deeply. What makes a hotel special is a careful concern for its guests,” said Brandon Chan, the director of marketing for Asia. Last April, He visited Korea and said that the most important factors to become a member of Design Hotels is the enthusiasm and commitment of the person behind the concept of the hotel, and that these are the most important reasons they picked Nest Hotel and Glad Hotel as more
DaehanSteel (2011)
Project owner: Daehan Steel

Daehan Steel Make the Invisible Visible 

2015.05.15 | JOH & Company
Daehan Steel, one of the three major steel company in Korea, reformed its company brand and solution brand in creative partnership with JOH&Company. The company also published Frame Book that tells about the essence and vision of steel manufacturing industry and the past and the present of Daehan more
Glad hotel (2014)
Project owner: Daelim, a+d

GLAD Hotel Urban Stay for Smart Travelers 

2015.03.27 | JOH & Company
‘GLAD Hotel’ opened in Yeouido, Seoul. Glad Hotel is JOH’s second hotel project for which JOH directed the overall design aspects including branding and architecture design. The hotel became the first member in Seoul of ‘Design Hotels’ as soon as it more
Bear.Better. (2012)

Bear.Better. Bear Makes the World Better. 

2015.03.02 | JOH & Company
Bear.Better is a company that provides employment for those who with autism or other developmental disabilities. JOH has designed the brand concept and identityread more
Nest Hotel (2014)
Project Owner: Nest Hotel Incheon

Nest Hotel Your Own Hideout 

2014.12.29 | JOH & Company
Nest Hotel the first hotel project launched by JOH&Company, opened in last October after two and a half years of preparation. JOH led all creative aspect throughout the project such as branding, architectural design, space design, interior décor and design more
Maeil Dairies (2014)
Project Owner: Maeil Dairies

Maeil Dairies Ask Every Day, Answer Every Day 

2014.11.21 | JOH & Company
Through the partnership with Maeil Dairies, JOH & Company has been working on rebuilding the corporate brand of the dairy company and incorporating the identity of scattered product brands in accordance with the business strategy, the new CI and Maeil Milk introduced this time being its first more
Antenna Music (2014)

Antenna Music Heart Touching Creators 

2014.10.23 | JOH & Company
Antenna Music presented its new brandmark designed by more
TRIBAR (2014)
JOH & Company

TRIBAR Coffee, Juice and Bites 

2014.09.26 | JOH & Company
In August 2014, the first Tribar opened in Hannam-dong. Tribar, the third F&B brand launched by JOH after Ilhochic and Second more
walk&rest (2014)
Partner: Tenderate Company

walk&rest walk the road, rest your mind 

2014.09.20 | JOH & Company
There’s always been a dilemma that most women might face: should we give up style for the sake of comfort, or will we stick to style and put up with aching feet? Walk & Rest offers a fresh solution for more
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